Hi, I’m Lana Summer. I’m the creator of Headchie, and I’d like to let you know more about me and my brand!

It might help if I begin at the start of my hair care journey. I was a broke student, I couldn’t afford all of the tools and creams and oils and potions that other hair gurus were telling me to buy. I made do with what I had. I used an old T-shirt on my hair instead of a micro-fibre towel, I ate folic acid tablets instead of hair vitamins, I cut my own hair… If you’ve seen my channel then you probably already know this! So yes, it’s always been in my nature to come up with innovative solutions, making things easier and better.

So came the day when I wanted to make something for my subscribers, something they’d never seen before. (I’d love to share some shampoos and conditioners with you, but not yet!) I began brainstorming things I could do right now. With just a vision in mind, and an emergency sewing kit that was gifted to me by my childhood boyfriend’s mum, I got to work creating the first ever Headchie.

Headchie is designed to be durable, so that you can really make the most of it as both a headband and a scrunchie. I really want you to feel that your Headchie is all you need. I know that’s how I feel about mine! I chose materials from around the world and brought them to the UK to be expertly put together by seamstresses hand-picked by me. The satin glides over the hair to make the transition from headband to scrunchie smooth and totally snag free. It protects your hair from the breakage caused by regular elastic hairbands. It has so many uses, I can’t even count! I dare you to share the way you use yours on instagram and tag us @HeadchieHair!

All my love,