Thin Satin Headchie – Pink


Item Details:
  • satin headchie (headband & scrunchie in one)
  • A satin scrunchie & satin headband wrapped into one!
  • Colour: Rose Pink
  • elasticated Hair Accessory
  • Wrapped in woven polyester satin
  • Vegan Hair Accessory
  • Cruelty Free
Care Details
  • Your Headchie can be safely machine-washed in warm water, but we recommend hand-washing only. Fabric softener will reduce static.
  • Satin can retain oil stains, so please avoid using alongside heavily oiled hair.
  • Please recycle all and any packaging that comes with your Headchie.

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Satin Headchie by Lana Summer (headband & scrunchie in one)
In need of a satin headband or a satin scrunchie? A ‘Headchie’ is headband & scrunchie in one! This Headchie is a idealic rose pink. Make an effortless style statement by wearing it as a Headband, or as a Scrunchie, and revel in the onlookers surprise as they realise that a Headchie is both! At home, use it to keep your tresses out of your face, or to secure your hair at night! The soft satin exterior prevents frizz, kinks and breakage no matter how you decide to wear it. A Headchie is all you need!
Perfect for all hair types, and especially for natural hair textures. Our founder loves to wear her Headchies on her curly hair!

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