Satin Headchie – Champagne Gold


This glossy golden Headchie is the perfect style accessory to make anyone feel like royalty. Dress it up with jewels, or wear it alone for a subtler suave look. It is a staple of any beauty regime.

As a Headband, or as a Scrunchie, the golden Headchie prevent frizz, kinks and breakage, for happier, healthier hair!

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Item Details

  • Colour: Champagne Gold
  • Made with love in the UK
  • Delicate elasticated Hair Accessory
  • Wrapped in woven polyester satin

Care Details

  • Your Gloss Gold Headchie can be safely machine-washed in warm water, but we recommend hand-washing only. Fabric softener will reduce static.
  • The satin material in your Headchie can retain oil stains, so please avoid using alongside heavily oiled hair.
  • You may notice that the elastic in your Headchie likes to fold after being worn as a Scrunchie. Simply flatten the elastic to wear as a Headband and you’re good to go!
  • Please recycle all and any packaging that comes with your Headchie.